Stigwood & Sons is a family run business that specialise in manufacturing high quality precision engineered potato peeling machines.


Our Machines are built to order and are fitted with our unique one piece drive shaft, this means that there are no cross pins, drive couplings or connectors to break or go wrong.

We do two sizes:

(12kg - 28lbs)

(25kg - 56lbs)

 They are driven by a one horse power motor on the 12kg, and a two horse power on the 25kg (Most other machines use motors only half that power).

 Our machines are driven by two very strong drive belts. This simple and efficient way is much more reliable than complicated gears.

 The abrasive coating on the peeling chamber go from top to bottom and is12mm thick. The abrasive on the bottom plate (rotor) is 15-17mm thick.

The peeling chamber & bottom plate can be easily removed for cleaning And can be placed in any position most convenient to the user.

On the peeling chamber there is a "lift off" water inlet pipe with an air brake. This is very useful where there is only one tap available filling tubs and buckets etc.

The water discharge outlet pipe can be fitted to the left or right of the machine.

Our machines are not only long life, they are also heavy duty, so much so, that we guarantee them for two years Parts and labour. 

These machines, which we believe are the best in the world are sold the world over.

We stock spare parts for most varieties of peeling and chipping machines.