A Little More About Us

Stigwood and Sons is a small family business that dates back over 120 years. Austin and Barbara Stigwood, from Moorside, carried on the family business name at around 1965 opening the Stigwood and Sons Potato Peeling Machine Manufacturers on Grafton street in Oldham where it still trades today.

One of the smallest manufacturers of potato peeling machines in the UK,

The company manufactures equipment for chip shops and fast-food outlets throughout the country and as far as south Africa.

To the right is Austin Stigwood stood next to his award winning Bradford Jewett.

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This picture was taken a few years ago inside the Stigwood and Sons workshop after a suprise special order to a company in South Africa made the local newspaper headlines.

(left to right) Rod Pickering, Austin Stigwood, Peter Stigwood, Andrew McArthur and Ian Conway with the peelers.